Sunday, October 14, 2012

Movie Review: English Vinglish

A refreshing subject, a mesmerising actress & a really really really really really really adorable little child actor. This basically sums up the reasons so as to why English Vinglish deserves a watch.
From Sridevi's "two drops of coffee in a cloud of milk" pretty face to her natural acting, she proves that she may be from yesteryears,but she is still DA BOMB!

Movie is women-oriented(if you haven't had the two cents to guess it by the trailers & posters by now) and the message that it delivers is so simple,that it usually goes unnoticed in our lives. The underlying conditions for that to be true is that A.You're an Indian, B.You live in India..okay not necessarily..but mostly relevant to India. And C.You've a mommy who's a forever damsel-in-distress because that's what Ekta Kapoor(Maneater wh*re who's topping my #HITANDHATE list a.t.m) has etched as the definition of an "ideal bahu", in most of their(mommies) emotional hearts & heads.

They've kept it simple,realistic & pleasant. It's a good watch. Not that I'm being "judgemental",but men won't like the film as much as women will. It's about us. DUH we're bound to like it more. The most messed up part about this fact,is that even a 16-year-old Indian girl would say "yeah I can so connect with Sridevi's character". Why of course you can. Marriages & pregnancies with a family to take care of and you being a mute,reserved & easily-dominated wife is something you experience at your age nowadays. That's the norm. Like village-culture's back yo! **Right at this moment,a 16-year-old butts in:Yo B*tch!Everything's fine but we don't do marriages.Don't ever insult our pea-sized brains to commit such a horrendous mistake of getting MARRIED and THEN have babies!**

So the point is that yes,Indian women are likely to enjoy this movie more because we feel like we can "connect" to it better than those M.C.Ps we have in our lives.*snorts* Middle-aged Indian women would especially be able to relate to this movie,while at the same time,I would say children might also be able to relate to this movie. Either they'd feel remorseful and cry their eyes out for being such inconsiderate little brats towards their moms. Or they'd suddenly appreciate their moms more and get all teary-eyed. In any case, it's a win-win situation for Indian moms. Hence if I was a mom, I'd have made my kid watch this movie the minute he/she was born. To instill the emotions of care,concern,respect towards me of course,not fear. Most definitely not fear...of the consequences of repeatedly humiliating me publicly ever. No,no,that would've never been my agenda.

From what my sister tells me, Director Gauri Shinde is from Advertising background. That makes her the 2nd director from Advertising to have delivered such a brilliant concept. First was Shoojit Sircar/Juhi Chaturvedi to have delivered Vicky Donor. It is precisely for this creative backgrounds they hail from that compels me to be biased towards them. They dare to experiment & explore unknown territories. So kudos to such emerging talents! In the day & age of Tees Maar Khan, we could definitely do with a bit of Vicky Donors & English Vinglishs to save us from losing full faith in Indian Cinema.

In short,
refreshing screenplay,good direction,pleasant background score,witty scripting & classy cinematography.
My Rating: 3.5/5..+.5 for Sridevi's simple,classic beauty = 4/5.
This one's not really a theatre-worth watch though.

P.S - 'two drops of coffee in a cloud of milk' is how Sridevi is described by one of her classmates in English lessons. This ain't no spoiler. No really.
Also, "judgemental" is only a pun you'd understand after watching the movie. So go watch it to get what I mean.

P.P.S - I know I've only mentioned the little child actor who plays Sridevi's son in the movie once but man he's adorable! He is the sort you'd wanna steal away from the world and keep him all to yourself. I could hug him and kiss him and cuddle him all day long. Aw man. I sound like such a typical girl. But heck. I've a soft spot for little ones and he just took it all with him! Adorability at its best!

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  1. Good one, Isha! Love this movie. Although I feel men MUST watch this movie. They take us for granted! Urgh