Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Please Read. Just Read. Okay Read.

Hello einsteins & newtons,this is your Eureka! discovery moment of the day if you've just stumbled upon this blog. It promises to be all about entertainment, and that nosy-neighbour you can't stop hating.

While this blog will mostly contain movie reviews(pre-dominantly Bollywood. Can't help it. I'm an Indian. It is what I was born to do i.e. watch Bollywood movies & then b***h about them),it might have an occasional random-topic discussion such as how my mom can sniff alcohol off my liver from a 100 miles radius and the-very-little-travelling I get to do(for the time being).

So far,so good.



A little bit about my pseudonym(in case you're a dimwit,it's that name I just signed off with):
I thought of it for myself back in 2007 when I first got myself a blog. It's a highly self-evaluated image that I've crafted of myself in my head. It is not to be mistaken for my alter ego which is a notch vainer,delusional & cynical. This information is completely irrelevant and insignificant. It is only to feed those jobless,meaningless emptyheads' curiosities who're awe-struck with me as much as I am by myself.


  1. Congratulations baby... looking forward to reading your awesome articles! :-)

    1. Thanks sister and also my adopted mother! Hope to never disappoint. Cos I'm just so cool like that. B-)

  2. Great.. koi to sunta hai meri advice :)

    BTW don't let your mom go near any researchers, they can try to emulate her nose into a device to catch drunk drivers. Potential threat :P

    PS - So which movie is gonna be the first to feature here? Waiting!!

    1. Hahaha...don't get your hopes high too much! It's one of the only times I'd probably be taking your advice! :P

      As for my mom, well, she is so far clueless about this. Let's hope this remains a *non-existent* to her. :P

      p.s : Just transferred FB movie reviews for the time being. Will be writing soon on Oh My God and English Vinglish!