Friday, October 26, 2012

What Not To Do As A Celebrity: Raghu Ram Leads By Example!

He may not be the epitome of coolness for all of us...okay he shouldn't be for any-of-us. Really. NO REALLY. Even before this latest shooting-myself-in-the-mouth-and-then-stabbing-my-balls-brains-heart-to-death move that he made, he was still cool,but not exactly the *epitome* of coolness. He basically created a revolution in India for all those college dropouts/rejects to have their shot at making big[because media industry is that sleazy and requires that low qualifications for you to make it through.whydidIchoosetodomasscomm.whywhywhywhywhy].

He ACTUALLY became cool because he's hot-tempered and disposes vulgarity as easily as Satish Shah had a spitting power in Main Hoon Na. He has this cool demeanor of having a misdemeanor [too much irony and paradox going on there] that got nutcases[Including me.But I have had a thing for bad boys/rebels.Also,mine lasted for a very short period of time.By the time I discovered him,I was already half-way through disliking yeah.] coming together to create a fan base for the Bad-Ass-Kick-Ass facade he'd created in front of MTVIndiageneration. Little did the nutcases know that it WAS JUST A FACADE. He's FAAAAAAR from being cool and whatever little doubt they had on his identity crisis,just got resolved with this sexy move he made on Twitter.

So I,who followED him,decided to get out of my half-lying-down-half-only-head-up position on the bed to sitting up and quickly screenshotting-and-cropping-and-editing this uglydouchebag-what's-his-face's tweets. I shan't say no more & let you witness the collateral damage he's done to his publicity-gone-wrong campaign. If you don't get what's wrong in it & have sympathies with his tweets, I'll make it a point to shoot your face and dunk it in poop and be fed to the cannibals. Two birds with one stone I kill - you're dead & I've given cannibals a bad meal.

With immediate effect,Raghu Ram unfollowed. Like A BOSS WISE YOUTH.

Click on the photo and read from left to right,bottom to top order:



p.s: I could almost visualise Raghu Ram crying while he tweeted away. It's a very funny visual when you think of the juxtaposition of his trademark evil grin while making Roadies cry & him crying while MTV,RannVijay & the toli replicate his trademark evil grin. OHHH..BURN! B-)

p.p.s: Check out his Twitter handle: tweetfromRaghu. So unoriginal. I don't know why I followed him in the first place. urghh. *bad-ass boy image shattered to bits & pieces till bits & pieces disappeared*


  1. WTF !!!!!

    And also I am happy that I keep myself away from all these so called "Reality Shows"..Bloody fakers all of'em

  2. True that Harsh. I mirror your sentiments completely now. I'm not an idiot-box fan,forget Reality Shows. But I watched this one when I was completely jobless in my I wanted to know what's the big hoo-haa about it.

    I think it's alright to create a superficial reality as that's what reality shows are all about. But the idea is, that even if you do create a facade,then learn to keep it well-maintained! Don't burst the bubble and be such a let-down!
    Raghu Ram seriously needs to learn how to keep his bedroom talks out of public spaces!