Sunday, November 4, 2012

Movie Review: Skyfall - 007

**Disclaimer: I mean to offend no Bond Series Fan. I haven't watched the entire Bond series so my perspective may not be completely accurate. If you're offended, then shut up & get lost. Or go cry to your mommy. Bond would be so pleased to see his fan do that.**

Judging by the various status updates & movie reviews on Facebook, I'd say Skyfall has received a mixed reception. Here's my take -:

Skyfall is better than Quantam of Solace yet sucks in a lot other ways. Some action scenes are orgasmic while others are just..meh. I'm beginning to like Daniel Craig as Bond now though. Mostly cos' I've just finally given in and accepted that Pierce Brosnan's not coming back to play Bond anymore. So no more denial for me. The storyline is interesting(though a little predictable). The movie has its moments. The hi-tech guns & jumps from trains,buildings from cars,bikes are as awesome as ever. Javier Bardem has done a fabulous job in playing the antagonist. His evil eyes & wicked smile is bound to touch a nerve with the audiences. Judi Dench is well..Judi Dench. She plays a pivotal role in this one. Like for real real one real one.

But,But,But. Here are the wtheckwthellwhyywhyywhyy points -

1. 007 is chasing for a freaking disk which has the list of names of all the MI6 agents. This is how the movie starts and the story evolves from there. The evolution's only bit of surprise is whenever Silva(Javier Bardem) is on screen. Besides here & there, there is not much guessing work required for audiences. I've a big issue with their craptacular basis of evolution. Even a Second Grader could figure out what's about to happen next. Two rotten eggs for coming up with such an overuse-and-abused idea. Too cliched man. Even Bollywood movies have stolen that cliche & used it too many times in their wannabe action movie attempts now. [Read: Agent Vinod, Ek Tha Tiger, Don(2006) etc]

2. Bond girl ain't no Bond girl fellas'. Yes. It's true. She's there but isn't exactly the depiction of "The Bond Girl". Berenice Marlohe is looking smokin' hot in the movie no doubt. But she's all skinshow,no meat(metaphorically only guys. She's got plentyful of meat *FIGURE-atively*). Not that I am implying that previous Bond Girls played substantive roles(*snorts*). But what I mean is that her role is as minute as one of the extras in Karan Johar's whatshislatestflopfilmname.

3. Lights,Camera,ACTION! The lights and cameras were there but the action wasn't much except for the climax scene. If Casino Royale & Quantum of Solace were all about action,this was all about lets-go-back-into-the-past-and-make-it-a-lameass-chase-film.

I wouldn't call the movie baddddd. But I wouldn't call it amazinglyawesomedontmissit sort! It's a one-time watch. You might be disappointed if you're a True Bond Fan. But if you're one of those blinded-fools-Bond-Fan,then you'll be awestruck as usual. It's alright, I forgive you. We've people in India who are blinded by the faith that worshipping cows,billion Hindu deities' statues & snakes is the ultimate way to wash your sins such as murdering girls, taking bribes & forcing engineering down every son's throat from the moment he is born. So yeah, you've still got a long way to go brotha!

Average storyline,good direction,classic bond cinematography,some classic bond moves,good dialogues,classic bond background score...but...not-really-classic-bond action. scenes. So boo-hoo-hoo.

My Rating: 3/5 stars.
As I once tweeted-: With time,movies are becoming more hyped,sequels are becoming worse & legacies are no longer holding any true. It's a "Skyfall" indeed. *punintended*

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