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Movie Review: Shuddh Desi Romance



Ek zamaana hota tha, jahan love aur romance ke naam par DDLJ, Hum Aapke Hai Kaun banti thi. Jahan 80s ke paidaaishi log aisi filmon se inspire hote the, aisi reel-based love stories par apni real-based love stories banaatey the. Har ladki ka pet dialogue hota tha "I'm a one-man girl" aur zyadaatar ladke bhi ek hee bandi par fida huye aur usi se setting kari full life ki. 

Sahi bhi tha..uss zamaane mein bahut badi baat bhi hoti thi relationship mein hona,love-shove and all that. Isiliye love marriage solid-hit formula tha. Ki bhaiyya issey pehle ma-baap tumhein kisi bhi bhains ke tabeley mein fit kar dein, tum khud hee ghodi ke saath fit ho jaao.

Aur ek aaj ka zamaana hai. The "Kal Ho Na Ho" era. And by that, I still don't mean eternal,dying,mature & sensible romance as shown in K.Jo's movie. I mean ki "kal ho naa ho, aaj tu hai toh kal koi doosri ho, jo bhi ho mere saath apna future kabhi na socho". Economics mein teacher padhati thi na luxury goods and normal goods ka funda. Waise hee, aaj ki date mein love has gone from a luxury good to a normal good-that-is-good-for-nothing-might-as-well-be-not-there-I-don't-care-jhinga-la-la-hoo. 

Aaj kal toh experiment karna hai, time lena hai, shaadi kaun karey,kyun karey, hum "modern" hain kyunki we grew up watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and until we don't become as messed up as Ross & Rachel, we won't learn our lessons and settle down. Until I haven't had a dose of Salaam Namaste, Cocktail, Love Aaj Kal(or just Saif Ali Khans), I'm no way in hell gonna be nearly getting married or as the indian society puts it, "settling down". 


When you put together Piggy Chops' younger sister with OH-MY-GOODNESS-THAT-HOTTIE from Pavitra Rishta(whom you'd have never fathomed to be a hottie since you the f*cking title of that serial he was in again), you get a chemistry so sizzling ki it'll make that sizzling platter in an Indian restaurant look like ice cream. Parineeti Chopra & Sushant Singh Rajput truly live up to the expectations of the audience, with their perfect portrayals of an average indian girl/guy. Their mannerisms, language, diction were perfect to the T. Kudos to the make-up & wardrobe team for making them look so naturally-fitting into their characters. Add to that writer Jaideep Sahni's quirky,cheeky dialogues and you've got a hilarious rom-com that keeps you amused throughout the movie.

The movie is a light-hearted, peppy take on love & relationships(and arranged marriages) in India today with a twist of nimbu ka achaar(i.e. arranged marriages). I loved the treatment of the subject matter at hand, which was how the heck do you make Sushant Singh Rajput look so god-damn-jaw-dropping desirable despite showing him as a champu you'd otherwise never date.ever.ever.ever.ever. Rishi Kapoor, unlike his usual love-guru-chacha avataar, was the love-guru-chacha in this movie, not to be mistaken for his otherwise love-guru-chacha avataars. On a serious note, loved his acting, character & most importantly, the Rajasthani-accent. One could never imagine him speaking that until you hear him speak & find him the cutest Rajasthani Santa Claus India could ever get. He completely lives up to your expectations & shows you that he's the daddy of Ranbir Kapoor. No really. He is.

There were three problems I had with the movie though, -:
1. Vaani Kapoor can't really act. And that is saying something given her role was as BIG as Akshay Kumar in Dil Toh Pagal Hai. So while Shanoo Sharma made the perfect casting calls for Parineeti & Sushant, clearly he couldn't think straight for the 3rd time. But then again, I don't blame him. For a role that big, ki farak painda hai ki rajpal yadav ho ya archana puran singh. However, given this is here debut, I forgive her nevercossheshouldjuststicktomodellingreally. Not getting the vibes sweetie,I'm not being mean momswear.

2. The most awkward kisses Bollywood would've ever witnessed since JTHJ. I don't know if this was intentional or Sharmaji just lost it, but seriously dude, how could you approve those kisses??! It's like everytime Chopra & Rajput kissed, their chemistry went from sizzling to ice-cream. Ditto when Rajput & Miss Kapoor kiss. Usko dekhne ke baad koi couple dubaara shayad kabhi kiss na karey. R.I.P kisses never-because-you-had-to-witness-that-after-already-being-tortured-enough-by-bad-kisses-from-Emran-Hashmi-movies-to-that-Shahrukh-Katrina romantichorror movie.

3. The movie could've ended 10 minutes earlier. There's no way I can explain this without revealing the ending so I shall leave it up to you to watch it & figure out for yourself. If you still can't, you're probably one of those who loved JTHJ & Aashiqui 2, very likely to be belonging from the 80s era and still single,probably dying as a nun or somethinglikethat in YRF Studios.

Strangely enough, Shuddh Desi Romance mein kuch bhi na Shuddh hai aur na hee Desi. *cough*ifyouknowwhatimean*cough*.

In short,
Great Screenplay, Brilliant Cinematography,Peppy Music, Convincing Acting by the leads+Rajasthani Santa Claus & Good Direction. 
My rating: 3.25/5stars
This is not a theatre watch, but a good watch for its genre. Adding it to the list of my favourite rom-coms of this era.



Ek funda hai movies ka. Beginning se zyada ending bahut matter karti hai. Beginning itni achi na ho,par agar movie sahi track par aa jaaye toh sexy lagti hai. Par jiski ending hee drag ya boring ho, woh movie chahe jitni bhi maal lagi ho shuru mein, katta toh hoga movie ka. 

Shuddh Desi Romance is a movie that starts off well, par ending is a little cliched plus they dragged it for 10 minutes longer. Henceforth receiving mixed reviews. Also, this movie is likely to strike a chord with young hearts,singles & Saif Ali Khan. So do not trust those happily-settled-in-a-relationship-typically-uncle-aunty-type-waley-log to give you a positive review. Just go watch the movie yaar. 


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