Monday, February 24, 2014

Movie Review: Gunday

This was one of the movies I had huge hopes from. Hopes bigger than Sonakshi's forehead & Hrithik's biceps. This was despite knowing that it's written & directed by maha-sardard champak Ali Abas Zafar(same guy who made Mere Brother Ki Dulhan). Ali is that wannabe coolness which oozes out of Dehradun in childhood and was later on dumped to a random DU ka college-which-only-KRK-would've-heard-of when his super-rich parents couldn't stand him anymore.

It probably went something like this -:

Ali(5 years old): Mumma mumma mekko movie banana hai
Mumma: cute my bachaaa..of course tu bade ho kar star banega
Pappa: Hahahahha..good good..ya go make me another peg of JD.

Ali(13 years old): Mom I have this amazing idea yo..I wanna make movies..I think I can make movies better than these peeps in Bollywood ya.
Mom: cute my bachaaa..of course tu bade ho kar star banega
Dad: Pehn de takke army kya tera pyoh join kar da si? Chal aur ice daal iss peg mein.

Ali(18 years old): Mom you have to have to send me to DU. That's the shitz yo. Jugaad lagaao na.
Mom: cute my bachaa..of course tu bade ho kar star banega
Dad: Bhainskieyes tumse na ho paayega. Ja yaar..paka diya. Acha jaatey jaatey ek peg aur banaata hua ja. Lagaata hoon judaad.

Ali is that mid-grounder who fails to give you the right blend of fiction and reality. When you watch the trailer of Gunday, you are given these false expectations of an amazing cinematic experience. Not just because it has two brazen hot bods with the right amount of facial hair running and smiling and tungtungtungtung, but because the trailer promised you an action-packed fun-filled twisted story of 2 goons. The trailer was well-composed and it pretty much ends there. 

You would've had a lot more fun watching the trailer than to have sat through the entire movie. While the first half is decent,the second half is full of cliches. From Priyanka's evolution of character to Arjun's wicked-smile-creepy-face. The background score is fantastic, the Bikram-Bala(can't remember which one is which) chemistry was more sizzling than any of theirs with Priyanka. The cinematography(Aseem Mishra) was mediocre with some moments of greatness. What really makes you cry is the poor, immature screenplay. 

Do not even taken into account Irrfan Khan starring in it given his role was as small as Katrina's in Dhoom 3. I'm guessing he took up this commercial to make some pocket money since all the other movies he seem to be doing are offbeat cinema. The Lunchbox doesn't exactly seem like a movie which paid him anything except for a money plant. 

Somewhere, you begin to also feel if Bikram-Bala are trying to pull off a Jai-Veeru in the second half which is just messed up because A. You can't remember to save a life who is Bala and who is Bikram and B. You thought they were pulling off a modern-day Ramayan somewhere in between. Ali attempts to write a stronger screenplay but falls flat on his dumbface. It's like he attempted to pull off an Ramesh Taurani with Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and then thought he might just get some success in being the next Tigmanshu Dhulia. Hate to add to your masala misery but sorry Ali baba, you're just failing in acting as a director too. Just staaaahp it. Staaaaahp staaahp staaaaaaaaarghhhhhthisisspartaaaaa. 

In short, Catchy-retro Music, Good Acting, Meh Cinematography, Meh Storyline, Meh Direction,Meh Editing.

My rating: 2.5/5 stars

Sohail Sen has given some great dhinchak songs. If not for Ranveer-Arjun, I would've not even watched this movie. I wouldn't even have given it 2.5 stars.  The movie tries to resurrect the feel of 70s-80s Indian Cinema,but somehow disappoints in its resurrection. Decent attempt. I have to say it's quite an improvement from MBKD Mr.Ali. 


  1. Hahahaha..this was actuallly pretty decent given I can stoop to so much lower levels! Thanks Pandya! (: