Saturday, March 22, 2014

Quick Look: Queen,Shaadi Ke Side Effects,Hasee Toh Phasee

You know that moment when you realise you're too lazy to take out time to write an extensive review because you've a job and a social life commonly known as binge drinking on weekends like you live-in-Beverly-Hills syndrome,that's when you sit in the toilet and have a eureka moment on why not just write short reviews and put them up together for a post.

You kill two green piggies with one yellow angry bird -
1. You get to still live your passion of writing reviews.
2. You don't have to feel guilty about those beers.

So on this note,here's me starting a quick review column. It'll have three-four movie reviews. Giving you options to figure out which movie you wanna watch over the weekend..or not to bang your head into. 

A quirky, funky movie with a déjà vu of English Vinglish background score,Queen is a movie that'll get you laughing at how desi desis can be abroad..AND in India. Kangana Ranaut's portrayal of a west Delhi girl is perfect to the Rajori Garden. Ditto for her sidekick. No one knows this better than me who has cousins in west Delhi. Nothing to be proud of,I live with it. I don't know how they do though. 

The movie has been directed brilliantly. The manner in which the story unfolds itself is smooth,crisp and grasping. Amit Trivedi's musical touch gives you an ear-orgasm as usual. Dialogues are witty enough for the filmy keeda loser in you to repeat in front of others and make yourself laugh if not those others. Which will eventually lead you to again quoting a dialogue from the movie "ki mera sense of humour kitna funny hai". 

Having said all that, it has it's reminiscents of a typical chick flick. I wouldn't even call it a Desi touch. It's just got one of those fantasy moments like the one in Cocktail between Padukone and Paenty (P&P) where one party animal P helps out a random Desi P in a foreign country. Because that's exactly what the cheerleader of my high school did with me. Or the one where you meet 3 random guys in Germany who turn out to be their racial/national stereotypes and being nicer than SRK in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. So it has it's ridiculous flaws but you forgive them because it's got Ranaut and Raj Kumar Rao(in a guest-you-love-but-are-supposed-to-hate appearance). 

But you should watch the movie because of its endings. The strengths make you want to overlook the flaws because of its strong ending. So go watch this movie. 

My rating: 3.5/5 stars 

Shaadi Ke Side Effects.

If you've watched Pyaar Ke Side Effects, you would've already equated Rahul Bose as one of the men you love in your life(even if you're a guy yes). His portrayal of a typical ladka with a typical bandi in a typical setting was so remarkable that it inspired many non-typical ladke to become that and ruined relationships happily ever thereafter. The chemistry, the music,the wit that Pyaar Ke Side Effects possesses is perfecto, raising up the bar for its sequel.

Shaadi Ke Side Effects, surprisingly doesn't disappoint. It's almost-at-par with the original in terms of wit, Farhan Akhtar played out his character effortlessly making you also fall in love with him all over again. The concept of playing two gender stereotypes,mocking them yet secretly groaning in agreement with them was well played out by the two leads - Farhan & FatsoAuntyVidya.

While the movie was overall directed smartly, the stylist could've chosen to make Vidya look less fat,less aunty,less loud,less everythingsheis,less her,more someone else,chosen someone else. This is not because I have anything against the fashion she sashayed in, but for the love of being focused in the movie and not be distracted by her OTT/bizzare dressing. I cannot listen to what you have to say Aunty if you're gonna be dressed like that.

All bakchodi aside, the movie starts out well,crisis hits at the right time but just as I was going to say the ending was a perfect landing, there comes a little turbulence right before the ending. The twist-in-the-twist they bring towards the end of the movie was empty-popcorn-dabba-crushing stupid. It was redundant,cliched and baby-puke-worthy(that curdle curdle milky stuff they throw up).

On a big-fat-whole(to accommodate Aunty), movie's worth a watch, though not necessarily for all audiences. Only reason I was laughing hysterically at some of the jokes was because I have spent more time with babies in the past few months than with humans. Farhan's funny, music's fab, stereotype-mocking-humour was impeccable. Wait for a good rip or for it to be shown on TV though. Not a theatre watch..unless you're a couple-going-into-parenthood. Actually no,not even then. Just might not be appropriate. :/

My rating: 3/5 stars

Hasee Toh Phasee.

This movie is your Centerfresh cheeinggum. It isn't your quintessential love rom-com. It is,but it isn't. It is, by Hollywood standards but not by Desi standards. Parineeti's acting is commendable given how I expected her to play the same role as in Shudh Desi Romance as in Ladies vs Ricky Behl as whichoneamimissingouttheyallseemthesame. Even chest-showing,body-showing,showing-show-off boy from SOTY acted fairly well given his limited lack of muscles-trained-in-acting.

Siddharth and Parineeti had a better chemistry than the Parineeti-Sushant kisses did in Shudh Desi Romance. The story crafted is light, cheeky and peppy. Vinil Mathew is one of those mid-grounders in the league of Ayan Mukherjee. He's blended the two worlds of bollywood and reality smooth though at times I was resorting to "kya yaar..kya hai yeh..kyun hai yeh" in some scenes but it's all forgiven given I don't think Mathew was aiming to clinch an Oscar with such a movie or even make it there to have a selfie.

Music is your cliched v-day-catchy stuff you hear every time you got a chick/guy, you broke up, you got laid, you listened to it on a random day like some time in feb. It's awesome but with a low shelf-life. I like that Ishq Bulaava track though. Sanam Puri's got me hooked to his voice off lately.

So go watch the movie if you think you still dig young,stupid,hopeless,timepass romance. The movie's not for your parents or your toddlers. Nor is it for those of you who do not understand Bollywood tadka.

My rating: 3/5 stars.